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Your First Massage?

Here's What to Expect.

If you are getting a massage for the first time, arrive 10 minutes early to fill in forms and have an analysis. It is recommended not to eat or drink right before a massage. Try to use the restroom before you come to expedite services. 

Your massage therapist will ask you questions related to your intake form such as are you under care of a doctor, what medications you are taking and any past surgeries? Why did you come for massage today as well as what results you are expecting to achieve. Please understand that massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examination and is not designed to diagnose any medical condition, prescribe medications or offer medical treatment. Certain medical conditions are contraindicated with massage therapy. So if you are not able to be worked on by the massage therapist, please understand this may be the reason. 

Massage therapy helps many people relax, reduce stress and reduce muscle tension and is usually very safe to have done. 

The therapist will go over their routine with you before they leave the room. If you do not wish for a certain area to be worked on, please inform the therapist at this time. Once the therapist leaves the room, you may undress to your comfort level and lie down on the table as instructed. People are usually massaged without clothing and they will be covered by a sheet except the body part being worked on. All jewelry that could interfere with the massage should be removed as well as glasses. Please inform the therapist if you are wearing contact lenses. 

During your massage it is important to tell your therapist if the pressure is not enough or too much. There is no way for the therapist to know what you are feeling. This is your massage and we want it to be the best experience you can have. If you are more comfortable talking during your session, go ahead and talk. If you would rather close your eyes and relax or drift off to sleep, that is fine as well. Taking some deep breaths will help you to relax before, during and after your session.

A few minutes before the end of your session, the therapist will leave the room so you can re-dress and gather your belongings. Please make sure you have everything. Any items lost will not be the therapists responsibility. Please take your time getting up off the table as you may experience some dizziness after a massage. Sit up slowly and rest for a few seconds before you stand up. Peppermints are located in the room if you feel you need one. 

After you you leave the room, the therapist will give you some water to drink and ask you if you would like to schedule another session. We suggest scheduling appointments as discussed at the end of your session to get the appointment time that works best for you. You may book 1 appointment or multiple appointments. The schedule books up quickly. Please be aware that we have a cancelation policy of 24 hours notice or a will be charged for the session at full price, which will be due prior to your next session. 

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